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The main benefits of using Apostille Stamp for your Apostille and Authentication needs

Apostilles and Authentications are only given out by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade otherwise known as DFAT. Due to high demand at the Sydney and Melbourne offices it can take one to two weeks to get an appointment. Many people prefer to get their apostilles and authentications in person as many people have experienced Australia Post losing the mail.

Two business day turnaround

Apostille Stamp has worked with DFAT for a long time and is able to get your apostilles and authentications in under two business days. This is understood to be the fastest turnaround time in Australia.

A Network of Trusted Notaries

Apostille Stamp has also created a network of trusted notaries around Australia so that you can be sure your documents will be accepted at DFAT and receive an Apostille Stamp or Authentication. Many notaries do not practice notarial services regularly and there work is rejected at DFAT.

NAATI translators

In 2018 NAATI translators were given permission to get an Apostille or Authentication directly on a translated document. Many NAATI translators have let there accreditation slip, do not understand their requirements and are using the wrong stamp for their translated documents. You will not get an Apostille Stamp or Authentication if you do not have a conforming document.

Overseas customers

Overseas customers also benefit from the services of Apostille Stamp as often there are two or three steps in the legalization process. Apostille Stamp is happy to accept documents sent from government departments. Once the document has been apostilled or authenticated Apostille Stamp is happy to courier the document overseas on the same day. Authenticated documents often need to get legalized at an Embassy after they have been authenticated. Each Embassy has a different process and often lengthy and complex sign up processes need to be navigated.

One Stop Shop

As Apostille Stamp has grown I have sought to create the most easy to use service in Australia for obtaining Apostilles and Authentications. We have notaries, translators and couriers organised so that you need only tell us the place your document is going to, your name, phone and email address and we can do the rest. Payment is by credit card or bank transfer, whatever is easier. If you have any questions please call or send an email. I am always happy to help.