Documents going to China after they have been authenticated often need to be legalized at the Chinese Consulate. Lodging a form at the Chinese Consulate requires a form to be filled out and the original person who requested the authentication needs to sign the form. Copies of ID such as a passport need to be provided as well but the copies don’t need to be witnessed by a notary or JP. I have prefilled forms available for all of my clients.

There are many exceptions when getting a document legalized at the Chinese Consulate. I tried to get a copy of a non-Australian passport legalized after it had been notarized and authenticated at DFAT. The Chinese Consulate told me I needed the copy of the passport stamped by the embassy the passport belonged to.

All documents issued by the Chinese government cannot be notarized or be included under a notarial certificate. All documents referred to in the notarial bundle must be included in the notarial bundle of documents.

I had a document in Chinese that referred to a Chinese drivers licence but the Chinese drivers license had been taken out because Chinese government documents cannot be notarized. The document in Chinese needed to be amended before the Chinese Embassy would accept it.

The Chinese Consulate has been closed since mid 2019 and now only accepts postal documents. If you send your documents in by post without lodging your request your documents will be rejected and returned to you without being legalized. Please send an email to to get help lodging your documents.