Each state has a Police Check process and there are other companies that facilitate the obtaining of Police Checks. These police checks often require a notary to verify the Police Check.

Police Checks from the AFP do not need to be notarised before they are apostilled. The website describing the police check process and pricing is https://www.afp.gov.au/what-we-do/services/criminal-records/national-police-checks

Starting the online application is on the page https://afpnationalpolicechecks.converga.com.au/

Further Police Checks from the AFP are the gold standard of police checks and are rarely refused when applying for citizenship or visa. Please note that you must order the hard copies from the AFP, a soft copy can no longer be printed and notarised. Only Police Checks printed on security paper with lock and key watermarks can apostilled. As of October 4 2023 digital police checks can now be printed and notarised again. We will wait and see how long this condition will remain.

Police certificates from the NSW Police are also able to be apostilled without being notarised.

Police certificates that are issued by private companies are not able to be directly apostilled and must be notarised first.